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We are a small private research group, making skin beauty and remedy lotions, as well as other remedy product research. The founder of the group, some time ago, was suffering from HPV and Fungus and many remedies attempted would either not work at all, work poorly or there would be very confusing and unclear instructions with almost no customer support...
Dedicated to fight and win the problem, experimentation took place on making healthy mixtures using plants and flower extracts, essential oils and other natural elements and at the end of the day positive results were achieved! Healthy Mixtures was founded. We know for a fact there are many people who suffer from these 2 embarrassing conditions and we want to help!

Over last several years, we have developed our 2 main lotion products we now offer to the public: WartOut - HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Wart Remedy Cream Lotion, Balsam Lotion. Our main dedication is towards organic and natural approach towards making the remedies. There are many creams and other types of lotions, however most of them are chemically composed, with many possible side effects and low percentage success. Our philosophy is that, going the natural way is the best and the most effective way of fighting infections and such. Besides natural approach, we stand by high quality and the best customer support.

We guarantee that our product is 100% Organic, Vegan and non-GMO, made from nature components!

Return Policy
We offer 30 day return policy (no questions asked) for our lotions if for any reason it will not work as intended or you will not be satisfied.
Since every skin type, the condition and overall human being is different, results may vary and for some won't work at all... therefore we want you to have enough time to try our lotion(s) and give you a full refund if this is something not for you.
We do not guarantee 100% positive results, as something like this cannot be guaranteed logically nor ethically.
Our main goal is to be honest with You!
Pricing Information
We had questions on the pricing on our products and would like to throw in a small informative explanation on where it comes from.
As much as we would love to sell our lotions at a very low price, there are several factors to take in consideration.
The components used in our lotions are obtained from credible/verified resources as we take the Quality and "Naturality" of our final products very seriously!
Our lotions are hand mixed and produced in the USA with most of the costs aimed at further research towards product improvement!
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Are your products for internal or external use?
Our products are ONLY for external use.

Should I use Balsam or Cream?
As much as it is a preference thing, it also depends on your skin type. While, balsam is more concentrated and rapidly absorbed, cream stays on longer and penetrates the skin/nail more slowly. While it may work differently for everyone, we generally suggest to use cream for more gentle/fragile skin, while use balsam for more rough skin. The best way to find out would be to try both as it sometimes works the other way around, since all of us are very different.

Why does the cream seem watery?
The cream may get watery after the jar stays without movement for some time and is a normal reaction. Shake the jar well each time before use for best results. Overall, our cream is not very "creamy", as it is not a typical cosmetic cream, because we use more concentrated liquid ingredients, while using less base cream in order for the product to be as strong as possible. This results it to be more watery than typical skin creams. It should not however be a complete liquid and still have a creamy basis.

How soon can I expect results?
Results vary from person to person and based on the condition. The safe margin is at least 1 week before a person usually sees results to start appearing.

How do I apply the product?
There will be instructions on the label itself as well as a very detailed step-by-step instructions provided with each of our products. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to assist!

Who can use Healthy Mixtures products (our typical customer)?
Our products work for both: men and women. We do not suggest to use our products on children younger than 7 years of age and to always consult with your family doctor if you have concerns, allergies or other possible factors.

Should I use your products while I am pregnant?
We strongly suggest to NOT use our products while you are pregnant!

We are located in Chicago suburban area in Illinois, USA.

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